In today’s fast paced world dominated by gadgets, Boardway.in serves your need to unwind, relax and recharge with family and friends who matter most to you or even strangers with whom you have no idea what to talk about. Be it a hobby or be it a family bonding activity, board games will not disappoint.
It all started in 2011 when one of my sisters introduced me to Dominion; my obvious reaction – ‘Am I not too old for this?’ I gave the game a try and realized how enjoyable it was. Since then I’ve become a self-proclaimed Board game Junkie, who needs his fix. The big issue however, was the limited number of board games available in India and the difficulty in acquiring board games from abroad.   
Boardway.in was born as a result of the dearth of board games and is one of India’s first e-commerce websites that aims to introduce new games to help develop this hobby and to simply help spread smiles and laughter.
Be it a strategy game for the competitive, an ice-breaker game for a party or a jocular family game – Boardway.in has it all. Happy Shopping and Happy Gaming!
Akshay Shah