Auf der Hut (On Guard)

Auf der Hut (On Guard)

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Find the matching hat for princess, pirate, gardener and co.

Number of Players: 2-4 Players

Age: 5+

Play time : 20 Minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

Categories: Children's game, Family game

In Auf Der Hut, you want to be on guard to what others are doing so that you spot the right hats on the right people.

To set up, shuffle the character deck and the hat deck separately, then lay out a row of seven face-up characters (princess, jester, knight, witch, etc.) with a face-down hat card above each character. On a turn, take one of three actions:

  • Peek at a hat card, then put it back.
  • Swap two hat cards without looking at them.
  • Reveal a hat card that you think matches the character below it. Is the cowboy hat on the cowboy's head, the Viking helmet on the Viking, or more generally, did you make a match? Great! Take this character and their hat, place them in front of you, then draw a new character from the deck and place a face-down hat card above it. If you revealed one of the four wonder hats, then you've made a match, but you claim only the wonder hat, replacing it with a face-down hat card. If you failed to make a match, you flip the hat card face down again and take a bald head card as a penalty.

When you can't refill a spot in the display, the game ends. For each bald head you have, you must cover a hat on a character you collected — but for each wonder hat you have, you can adorn someone who has been stricken with instantaneous hair loss. Whoever has collected the most hats wins!