Brains - Magic Potion (Puzzle game)

Brains - Magic Potion (Puzzle game)

  • Rs. 999.00


Number of Players: 1

Age: 8 years +

Play time: 5-20 Minutes

Categories: Strategy game

Theme: Puzzle

50 brainteasers of increasing difficulty, each with only one solution that can be found quickest (and most satisfyingly) by a bright mind: That’s the main ingredient of the Brains game line. In the first two installments of the series, Japanese Garden and Treasure Map, players must find out which path tiles to use and how to place them in order to find the one solution that meets all conditions. Whereas in Magic Potion the requirements of each row and column need to be matched by wisely placing the ingredient tiles in order to successfully brew any given potion.

Simple rules and demanding puzzles go hand in hand in the Brains game line. Thinking before trying is the motto of these singleplayer puzzle games and the fastest way to a deserved victorious smile. Be warned though: this game is highly addictive!