Cake Off

Cake Off

  • Rs. 1,099.00

Number of Players: 3-6 players

Age: 5+

Play time: 15 Minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

Categories: Card game, Children's game

Theme: Pastry

Players in Cake Off! want to collect all the cards of one type in their hand.

To start the game, take all the cards for one type of pastry for each player in the game, shuffle them, then deal a hand of five cards to each player. On a turn, all players simultaneously pass a card to their left-hand neighbour, and they continue this process until one player has all five cards of the same type in her hand. She then slaps the pie plate in the centrE of the table, after which all of the other players do so. Whoever slaps last gets a cake stamped on her hand, then players shuffle the cards for another round.

As soon as one player has five stamps on her hand, the game ends and whoever has the fewest stamps wins.