Fruit Punch

  • Rs. 899.00

Flip cards to reveal fruits. Spot five of a kind? Ring the bell first to win! 

Number of Players: 2-6 players

Age: 5+

Play time: 15 Minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

Categories: Card game, Party game

Theme: Action, Children's game


Spot Five and Bop the Banana!

In one of the world’s top-selling games, players inspect the cards as they’re flipped to find five of the same fruit, then race to squeak the banana. It’s a full-on fruit frenzy!

  • More than 11 million units sold worldwide
  • Features a squishy banana-shaped squeaker
  • Used in schools to improve counting and math skills

How to play

  • Put the banana in the middle of the table.
  • The oldest player shuffles the cards and deals them all, one at a time, to form one pile for each player.
  • Without looking at the cards, players keep their piles of cards face-down on the table.


Starting on the dealer’s left, players take turns (one player at a time) flipping over the top card from their face-down piles and placing it face up on the table. After they have cards face-up, players place their next card on top of their face-up cards in such a way that they cover those cards and only the top card is visible. When players flip cards, they must grasp the end of the card that is farthest away from themselves so they don’t see the cards before other players do. 

2).SPOTTING 5 OF THE SAME FRUIT When the face-up cards show exactly five fruits of the same type (for example, five bananas or five limes), players race to bop the banana. The player who bops the banana first collects all of the face-up cards and places them face-down underneath his/her stack of face-down cards. There are five strawberries showing on the cards, so players race to bop the banana.

3).MORE OR LESS THAN 5 If a player bops the banana when the face-up cards don’t show exactly five of the same fruit, that player must place one of his/her face-down cards on top of each of the other players’ face-down piles as a penalty.

4). RUNNING OUT OF CARDS When players run out of face-down cards they are not out of the game. They don’t turn over cards, but they continue to try to bop the banana. If they bop the banana they collect all of the face-up cards, shuffle them, turn them face-down, and turn over cards again when it’s their turn. Players are only out of the game when they run out of face-down cards and when another player collects their face-up cards.

5). TWO PLAYERS LEFT When only two players are left in the game, the game ends the next time a player bops the banana and collects the face-up cards. If one of the two players bops the banana when there aren’t exactly five of the same fruit showing, the other player collects all of the face-up cards and the game ends.


Winning the game

 The player with the most cards wins the game.