Gateway Combo Offer : Machi Koro, Eight Minute Empire, Tsuro

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Machi Koro: The art is charming. It's simple to teach. The perfect gateway/family game. Simple enough pool/engine-building game, will be a huge hit with children.

Number of Players: 2-4 Players

Age: 10+

Play time : 30 Minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

Categories: Card game, Family game,

Theme: City Building


Eight Minute Empire: A light abstract strategy game of card-driven, area-control and set collection. Play as an emperor striving to build the most well-resourced and farthest-reaching empire.

Number of Players: 2-5 players

Age: 13+

Play time : 8-20 mins

Difficulty level :Easy

Categories: Board game, Family game, Strategy game

Theme: Civilization


CV:  Guide your character through their entire life making many important decisions about their professional career, relationships, interests, and life goals.

Number of players: 2-4

Age: 10+

Play Time: 60 mins

Difficulty levelEasy

Categories: Strategy game, Family game, Humor, Card game

Theme: Life building