Husch Husch kleine Hexe

  • Rs. 2,199.00

Remember which witch is where and be the first to move one of them to Block Mountain. 

Number of Players: 2-6 Players

Age: 3+

Play time : 15 Minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

Categories: Board game, Family game, Children's game

A children’s game in which five witch tokens in different colors are hidden under witches' hats. On your turn, roll a die and pick up the hat that you think is hiding the witch of the corresponding color. If you are correct, roll the die again and repeat. If you are wrong your turn ends. The sixth side of the die shows an "exchange" symbol. If rolled, the player exchanges two witch hats on the board without revealing the hidden tokens and ends his turn.

The first player to move any witch to the last space on the board, Block Mountain, wins the game.