Little Town

Little Town

  • Rs. 2,999.00

 Each game is fresh with the randomised building pool and player objectives. Tons of room for big plays with clever building placement and then a precisely positioned worker. 

Number of Players: 2-4 players

Age: 10+

Play time: 30-60 Minutes

Difficulty level: Medium

Categories: Board game, Family game

Theme: City Building

In Little Town, you lead a team of architects and must dispatch workers to the town, collect resources and money, build buildings, and develop this little town.

In the game, which lasts four rounds, you can acquire resources such as wood, stones, fish, and wheat from the surrounding squares by putting workers on the board, with three workers being placed each round. When you place a worker, you acquire the resources available in all eight surrounding spaces. You can build buildings by using these resources, and you — or any other player — can gain the effect of the building when place a worker next to it; if you place next to a building owned by another, however, you must pay them a coin before you can collect those resources.

Players collect victory points by using the powers of buildings, by constructing buildings, and by achieving goals dealt to them at the beginning of the game. After four rounds, whoever has the most victory points wins.