Machi Koro Legacy

  • Rs. 4,199.00

Lightweight dice rolling, engine building, gameplay with a decent if not deep legacy experience. Machi Koro Legacy is a story-driven game with great replayability potential. It features the same gameplay as Machi Koro.

Number of Players: 2-4 Players

Age: 10+

Play time : 30-45 Minutes

Difficulty level: Medium

Categories: Card game, Family game,

Theme: City Building

In Machi Koro Legacy You are still rolling dice, you are still collecting income, and you are still racing to build landmarks — but then you unlock the [censored] and you start earning a little extra income by [censored], and then you start to explore the [censored] and you have to make a choice between [censored] and [censored]. Even if you aren't in contention to win a given game, you still have [censored] to set up exciting [censored] for the next one. And then the [paragraph deleted]...

Machi Koro Legacy features a ten-game series that tells a complete story set in the world of Machi Koro in which player choices create a unique gameplay experience.