Princes of Florence

  • Rs. 3,199.00

All that is good about Euros and stands the test of time.

Number of Players: 2-5 Players

Age: 12+

Play time : 75-100 Minutes

Difficulty level:  Hard

Categories: Board game, Strategy game

Theme: Renaissance, City building

Players attract artists and scholars trying to become the most prestigious family in Florence. Each player is given a palace grid and reference chart and attempts to gain the most victory points after seven rounds. Scoring victory points can be done in a variety of ways although most will be earned by playing profession cards to generate work points. There are a variety of professions such as astronomers, organists and architects. Each is attracted to a particular combination of building, landscape feature, and social freedom. The more the player can match these preferences then the more work points are generated. If a player satisfies the minimum requirement of work points, which increases each round, then the work can be created and the player can then trade the work points for cash and/or victory points.