Project L

Project L

  • Rs. 3,099.00

Fast-paced, tile-matching, engine building game.

Number of Players: 1-4 players

Age: 8+

Play time: 20-40 Minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

Categories: Board game, Strategy game

Build pieces, develop an engine, perfect your strategy, and win the game!

Project L is a fast-paced, tile-matching brain burner with triple-layer 3D puzzles and lovely acrylic pieces. Challenge your friends to a game of simple design but intricate gameplay that makes a lasting impression!

The core of the game lies in using your pieces to complete puzzles. Starting with just two basic pieces, you use three actions every turn to develop a powerful engine. With more pieces of various types, you can efficiently complete even the most difficult puzzles. The puzzles you complete award you points or new pieces to further fuel your engine. Can you outsmart your opponents?