Strategy Combo Offer 3- Indian Summer, Mage Wars Arena and Imperial Settlers

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Buy all three strategy games

Indian Summer,

Mage Wars Arena and 

Imperial Settlers at hugely discounted prices.


Indian Summer: It is a fun spatial puzzle with lots opportunities to chain together cool combos that make you feel smart. The art in this game is simply off the charts. Indian Summerstarts slowly, and really picks up phase towards the end due to clever animal/bonuses tiles mechanics. Theme is lovely, and the tiles are a pleasure to hold and place.

Number of Players: 1-4 Players

Age: 10+ (But playable 8+)

Play time : 15-60 Minutes

Difficulty level: Medium

Categories: Family game, Board game, Strategy game

Theme: Nature



Mage Wars: is a tactical board game, a combination of a card game and miniatures game, combining the best elements from each genre. Best one vs one battle game. Innovative and deeply challenging, this game will require skill and dedication.

Number of Players: 2 Players

Age: 13+

Play time : 90 minutes

Difficulty level: Hard

Categories: Card game, Strategy game, Customizable

Theme: Fantasy, Fighting



Imperial Settlers: Extremely well designed strategy games with beautiful graphics. The game is finely balanced and paced for the five rounds. Recommended for everyone who enjoys 7 Wonders!

Number of Players: 1-4 Players

Age: 10+

Play time : 45-90 Minutes

Difficulty level: Hard

Categories: Board game, Strategy game

Theme: Civilization, Ancient