Welcome To

  • Rs. 2,100.00

Welcome To is a roll and writing style game that uses cards instead of dice. The game offers players many different ways to score, from pools, to creating sets of houses, to accomplishing goals as quickly as possible. It is unique in the way that every player is presented with the same player sheet and card options, but each one can be played in a completely different direction.


Number of Players: 1-100 Players

Age: 10+

Play time : 25 Minutes

Difficulty level:  Easy

Categories:  Family game, Board game, Party game

Theme: City Building

As an architect in Welcome To..., your objective is to build the best new town in the United States of the 1950s by adding resources to a pool, hiring employees, and more.

Welcome To... plays like a roll-and-write dice game in which you mark results on a score-sheet but without dice. Instead you flip cards from three piles to make three different action sets with both a house number and a corresponding action from which everyone chooses one. You use the number to fill in a house on your street in numerical order. Then you take the action to increase the point value of estates you build or score points at the end for building parks and pools. Players also have the option of taking actions to alter or duplicate their house numbers. And everyone is racing to be the first to complete public goals. There's lots to do and many paths to becoming the best suburban architect in Welcome To...!

Because of the communal actions, game play is simultaneous and thus supports large groups of players. With many varying strategies and completely randomized action sets, no two games will feel the same!