Who in the room board game

Who in the room board game

  • Rs. 2,399.00

Number of Players: 3-4 players

Age: 17+

Play time: 30-60 Minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

Categories: Card game, Party game


Who in the room would surivive the least amount of time on a desert island? Who in the room pees in the shower? Who in the room has the best voice for radio? And who in the room would have the most trouble assembling a bookcase from IKEA?

Who in the room…? is an addictively entertaining party game that reveals what you and your friends really think about each other. The game has more than 300 laugh-out-loud, unexpected, and personal questions that all start with the phrase Who in the room…?

Draw a card, read the question out loud, and give everyone a few seconds to think. At the count of three, everyone points to who they think best fits the question's description.

Be prepared for dropped jaws and hilarious discussions to follow!

Who in the room…? is the perfect game for your next party, dinner, or get-together!