Smash up

  • Rs. 2,699.00


Beat your opponents by pairing up with monsters!

Number of Players: 2-4

Age: 12+

Play time: 45 mins

Difficulty level: Easy

Categories: Card game, Strategy game 

Theme: Fantasy, Science fiction

The ‘Shufflebuilding’ game of Total Awesomeness! What do pirates, ninjas, robots, zombies, aliens, wizards, tricksters, and dinosaurs have in common? They are all trying to take over the world! But they can’t do it alone, so they are teaming up. Every combination brings a different experience in this fast-paced shufflebuilding game.

Take two 20-card decks, smash them together, and then rock your opponents’faces! Each faction has a different style: pirates move cards, zombies come back from the discard pile, dinosaurs are just freaking huge. Each pairing creates different gameplay. And each game is a different throw-down! Is Smash Up a game you can live without? Not if you are awesome. Choose a side. Choose two! And start the carnage!