Strategy combo offer 2: Eight Minute Empire, Kill Doctor Lucky, Smash Up

  • Rs. 5,570.00

Buy all three strategy games 

Eight Minute Empire, 

Smash up, 

Kill Doctor Lucky at hugely discounted prices.


Eight Minute Empire:  A light abstract strategy game of card-driven, area-control and set collection. Play as an emperor striving to build the most well-resourced and farthest-reaching empire.

Number of Players: 2-5 players

Age: 13+

Play time : 8-20 mins

Difficulty level :Easy

Categories: Board game, Family game, Strategy game

Theme: Civilization


Smash Up:  Beat your opponents by pairing up with monsters!

Number of Players: 2-4

Age: 12+

Play time: 45 mins

Difficulty level: Easy

Categories: Card game, Strategy game 

Theme: Fantasy, Science fiction


Kill Doctor Lucky: You hate Doctor Lucky but so does everyone else. Every player is a murderer visiting Lucky Mansion. The first player to kill Doctor Lucky wins. But he’s not called “Doctor Lucky” for nothing: he’s notoriously hard to kill.

Number of Players2 to 8.

Age: 12+

Play time: 45 mins

Difficulty level: Easy

Categories: Board game, Strategy game, Family game

Theme: Murder mystery